Tape Ins


Tape Ins

Bohyme Tape-Ins are made with Skin Weft and come with 10 bundles (strips) 100% Remi Human Hair Bohyme®. The wefts can be applied to areas that may need extra volume, length, or highlights. The professional grade adhesives assure a quick and easy installation and removal process. Our professional grade adhesive allows for semi-permanent installations that may last up to 8 weeks of wear with proper maintenance. Extensions can be reused for up to 12 months with proper care.

Maintain your tape-ins with Bohyme Replacement Tape

Remove your tape-ins easily with Bohyme Adhesive Release

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Bohyme® Skin Weft come with 10 bundles (strips)
The wefts can be applied to areas that may need extra volume, length, or highlights. The professional grade adhesives assure a quick and easy installation and removal process.


Typically 1-2 packages are used for a good volume of own length, 3-4 packages for an extension and above for the very large hair.

Tape-In Remover • Easy to Use
Intended for use with our Bohyme® Adhesive Skin-Wefts, our Adhesive Release is an alcohol based, fast-acting, cleanser for all adhesive hair systems. Breakdown of adhesive will begin within a few minutes without damaging the hair and scalp. Residue-free and gentle on the skin.

Directions: Spray Adhesive Release on tape bonds and massage tape strips gently. Breakdown will begin in a matter of minutes. The release time will depend on prior adhesive build-up. Remove residue and clarify if needed. Avoid direct skin contact.
Ingredients: Medical Grade Dimethylcarbinol, Mineral Oil, propylene Glycol, FD&C B1
Weight: 4oz (118ml)

Replacement Tape

Bohyme® Skin Weft Tape is made for maximum wear of 4-8 weeks. The tape has a dull matte finish and it is virtually invisible through the unit when applied.

Lastly, Skin Weft replacement tape is made with urethane which results in a comfortable and flexible application.

Each sheet contains 12 pairs with 10 sheets in a pack.
Total of 120 strips of replacement tape.

Available Size: 1.5” – 4 cm.

Available structure: Body Wawe, Silky Straight

Read our Washing Instructions
Read our FAQ

1. Divide your hair to get a straight line along the scalp
2. Remove the protective film to release the Tape
3. Place the Tape with the sticky side towards your hair
4. Run your finger along the downside side of the Tape. Make sure to get the hair, that is sticking onto the Tape
5. Lift the hair and Tape
6. Place the second Tape-strip on the other side. Make sure the 2 sticky sides is towards eachother with your hair in between
7. You are now ready to cover the Tapeextensions with your own hair

To make a more natural blend, use a brush and gently brush over your own hair. For a better blend, style your hair with the extensions.

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We reserve the right to reject a return that is not returned to us in a timely manner or to make exceptions to our terms.
Only unbroken products in original packaging will be returned.

Key benefits

Quick Install

Provides natural-looking, professional-grade, quick installation without a trip to the salon.

Easy Customization

Easily customizable to add volume, color and length for any occasion.


Easy and versatile application, free of damage to the hair and scalp.


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